Gammanzi | Journeys of the heart

28 September - 18 November 2023

화가로서 낯선 세상에 서야하는 젊은이의 감성은 불안과 초조가 절반이다. 누구나 그러하듯 그들에게 세상은 낯설고 어색하기 그지없다. 점차 나이를 먹어감에 따라 낯섦이 습관이 될 때 즈음 어른이 되고 기성세대가 된다. 젊은 화가 감만지의 세상은 자신의 가족을 타인으로 보면서부터 출발한다. 가족을 외면하는 것이 아니라 가족을 가족으로서 바로보지만 그 또한 세상의 일부로 인정하는 예술가적 기질에서의 시작점이다.

-글 : 박정수 (정수아트센터 관장, 미술평론)


"The minds of the young stepping into the unfamiliar society as an artist is half filled with anxiety and nervousness. To them the world is rather awkward and foreign much like it feels so to anybody else. As the unfamiliarity become the usual with age people turn into an adult and hence the old generation. The young artist Gammanzi’s world begins by looking at her own family as strangers. No, it is not like she is shunning them – It is a starting point of an artistic disposition that considers her family to be a part of the world whilst being her own."

-Courtesey of Park Jeongsu, (Director of Jeongsu Art Center, art critic)


“...In this exhibition, titled "Journey of the Heart," my aspiration is to portray fleeting sentiments, the raw and authentic emotions that form the very fabric of our lives. I employ the fortuitous effects of brushstrokes, where chance and intention converge, to capture these transient moments…”
- Courtesy of the Artist

ERA Gallery is thrilled to announce 'Journeys of the Heart,' the debut exhibition of Seoul-based Korean artist Gammanzi in Europe, on show in Milan from September 28th 2023 to November 4th, with the artist present at the opening.

In this exhibition the artist sends the viewing public on a quest; a journey of the heart. In gifting us with scenes of gentle intimacy, an innocent eye confronts a jaded world and challenges it to see life with more love, lightness and curiosity.

In her artistic endeavours, Gammanzi leverages the expressive potential of brushstrokes to convey a myriad of emotions experienced in her daily life, often manifesting through captivating characters. These characters, imbued with her unique stylistic touch, have a remarkable ability to evoke nostalgia, reminiscent of childhood or moments steeped in love and happiness.