Sonia Jia: Floating

13 January - 10 February 2023

ERA Gallery is pleased to announce the opening the first solo show in Europe by London-based Chinese artist Sonia Jia, student of the Royal College of Art, opening on January 13th .

"Through depicting the scenes of hedonism — people dancing, indulging, hallucinating, I attempt to construct the realm where beings are ceaselessly sharing their satisfaction in a continuity, breaking the gulf between each individual."

- Courtesy of  the artist

Where does a memory live? Most of us cast ours behind us, seldom venturing back to consider them. Sonia Jia places hers squarely before her. She makes a home for them on her vast canvases, delicate, pastel assemblies of abstract fragments. Here, chronology is abandoned in favour of  simultaneity, separation in favour of togetherness.