10 March - 6 April 2023

The exhibition takes shape from a feeling; emotion.

It seeks to understand survival mechanisms in physical and existential places which society denies them. Art as evidence and path, communion and cry.


The mirror of individual affirmation, beliefs and experiences, and which forms an intricate contemporary imagery vocabulary of those who have an enormous creative power but who carry the eternal “paura” of being who they are.


In this sense, it is important to approach Zygmunt Bauman in his book “Liquid Fear”. Its content leads us to evaluate a series of structures in our society and realize that they were developed in such a way as to create, expand, strengthen and dilute the feeling of insecurity and anxiety in our psychic apparatus. And in an exhibition with Brazilian artists, mostly from Rio de Janeiro, one of the most dangerous cities in the world, this fear accompanies these people from an early age.

- Courtesey of Paulo Azeco


Era gallery is thrilled to present a group show of Brazilian artists, 'Paura' curated by Paulo Azeco.


Featuring works by;

Andre Barion, Andy Villela, Arorá, Bruno Alves, Castiel Vitorino, Leoa, Lucas Alemeida, Mariana Rodrigues, Marina Woisky, Melissa de Oliveira, Samuel de Saboia and Siwaju


Opening March 10th 2023 6pm-9pm.

Via Palermo 1-5.