Julia Bennett: Living in a Shadowland

13 January - 10 February 2023
Julia Bennett (B. 1995) lives and works in London. 

In 2022 She received an MA Painting from the Royal College of Art and in 2017 a BFA Photography / New Media, Seattle Pacific University. 

"Ghosts among the living; held together by invisible strings, connected to their original spaces, they hold space still. What was leaves remnants–from the deep layers of time cradled by soil to the grey matter of our amygdala, they hold imprints of trauma. Without understanding deeper histories, we cannot begin to answer the questions of who we are, what was, or how we will carry on."

– Courtesy of the Artist 


In putting her hands into the land and then onto the canvas, Bennett allows once lost and faint voices to reemerge and sing sublime harmonies to us on an immersive scale. The rhythms of the earth unfold onto the canvas, a dance of life ongoing in spite of our great selfishness. It is a ritual of high magic, a healing of lost innocents. How could we continue to neglect and mutilate the land when confronted with its very soul poured out so majestically before our eyes. It is here from this majesty that perhaps a new way forth can spring, that the deserts of California might flower once again.