Andy Villela

Andy Villela (b.1994), was born in Rio de Janeiro. The artist takes in first instance painting as a pillar of her production. Influenced by abstraction, she communicates through unconscious symbols, giving space for a stimulation where different colors, shapes and paths give meaning to her production through her elaboration process. Her work starts from contact with the  materials and how they design an investigative language attached to pictorial experimentation, in this process proposing questions on social rationality and technical rules of painting. An emancipatory rescue to a creation of her own language, the artist leads with special attention to corporal contact withher  own world and tools, especially the surface, the paint and the brush. Her painting mixes the figurative and the abstract, moving away the possibility of a literal interpretation, creating a tension between human scale and other spatialities. In this vein, the artist gives centre stage to her gestual process, she keeps exploring her senses and her emotions that stem from her movements, and it is in this layer that reveals the poetry of her painting, a painting free from figurative dependence a painting of subjective processes triggered by multiple relations with the canvas. Building this way, a non-linear narrative that however does not engage in pure randomness, but that still goes beyond the imposition of an anesthetized production.